Visit Washington DC

Do you have a trip to Washington, D.C. on your bucket list? Our nation’s capital is overflowing with wonders and excitement. The possibilities for tours are truly only limited by your imagination. Follow these suggestions and travel recommendations from the professional travel gurus to jump start the planning for your trip to Washington, D.C.

The first step is to secure your dates and define your budget. Whether you’re planning on staying for a week or a weekend, there is never a shortage of history to explore. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon and consider arriving in Washington D.C. with a car rental from the great rates and selection offered by Hertz. With several major airports close to the city center, flights to the nation’s capital are also abundant. Because the subway system is so spectacular, it’s recommended to leave your vehicle at the hotel and take advantage of the ease of value of the subway system. Don’t miss the escalator at the Dupont Circle subway station – this is the steepest escalator in the world.

The most spectacular museums housing our nation’s history, the Smithsonian, do not charge admission fees. Located on the Washington mall, they are surrounded by the immense monuments of the Lincoln Memorial and the nation’s capital building. From the monuments to the museums to the government buildings, there is certainly not a shortage of sights to see. Plan to dress comfortable and pack a pair of quality walking shoes. Unless you opt for the Segway tours, you’ll be walking many miles and your feet will thank you.

There are a myriad of options for accommodations in the nation’s capital. From luxurious first class hotels to shared rooms in a local apartment, there is something for nearly every budget and taste. The same can be said for dining options. From sumptuous white linen restaurants, to nearly every major ethnic cuisine and a vast array of food trucks, there are culinary options for nearly every taste bud.

If a visit to the White House is on your list, be sure to make arrangements several months in advance to obtain tickets and clearance by contacting the office of your local congressman. Enjoy your trip to our nation’s capital!