Top 3 Poker Game Tips Straight From A Cash Game!

Do you play poker, too? If yes, then you probably have found a way of cashing a game or two. Besides, cash games are poker’s bread and butter.

Cash games make playing easy. But you know what tough part is? It is being able to make money and to help you do that, I, here in this article, am going to share top 3 poker game tips, which came directly from the Upswing coaches Ryan Fee and Doug Polk.

Cash Game #Tip 1 – Taking Advantage of Limper

We all have seen players limping in the cash games. They are at all stages, aren’t they? We can’t blame them though. If you’re going to face open limpers, then be clear in your mind how exactly you would do that. Ryan Fee shares two ways of facing the open limpers:

  • Play tighter against the open limps
  • Loose up against the open limps

There are some factors that you should keep in mind when facing the limp:

  • Give a thought to their skill levels
  • Consider effective stack size
  • Estimate their 3-bet / limp frequency

Cash Game #Tip 2 – Be Sharp About the Losing Sessions

Nobody likes losing, especially when we have due bills. No matter how great you are at playing poker, you are still going to lose sometimes. So it is important to handle these losing sessions the correct way. With the cash games, it becomes trickier as you have the option to leave anytime. If you are going to quit too quickly and too often, you shall struggle with the volume.

If you get stuck in cash games, try asking questions, which Doug Polk asks to himself in such situations:

  • Am I doing well? Try being objective and analyze your way of playing.
  • Is game still worth playing? If you are playing awfully, you might want to go home and sleep that off.

Cash Game #Tip 3 – Take the Control

Do you know what poker cash games are about? Well, they are about creating pressure on our opponents, stealing blinds when we can and wanting people to call us when we have the winning hand.

You know what the best possible way to do so is? It is getting in habit to raise the pre-flops and betting on flops. In the beginning, it might seem quite counter-intuitive, but in reality, most people miss the flops. The player with the highest momentum wins.

Wrapping Up the Poker Tips

Do you want to be better at playing poker? Do you know you can play poker online, too? You sure do, right! Here are few popular situs pokers online, you might want to visit:

  • William Hill (iPoker)
  • PokerStars
  • Party Poker

That is all for now. Do leave your feedback or questions in the comment section below!