This is why Slot Games without the need for Cards are Becoming Huge

Are you looking for free slots games that do not need your credit card? If yes they are available at Boomtown. The site offers hassles free slots online games that have great features.  More also, the games are top progressives with inviting bonuses that provide free cash.

On a brighter side, you will play your favourites game without spending your income. Here are some of the reasons why slot games that do not require cash deposit popularity have grown tremendously.


  • SafeGuard Personal Information


Majorities of people are uncomfortable giving out their details such as names, addresses, credit card number, emails and date of birth; therefore, this has hugely influenced people to opt slot games that to do not require the use of credit card.

The cases of online casino selling your information to the third party for the has triggered millions of online casino lover to prefer free games.  Players are sensitivity with the way their details are accessed out there. Also, to avoid identity theft cases, it is vital to do due diligence and work with a casino that has an excellent track of records.


  • Online Frauds


The cases of cyber-crimes are becoming alarming in these days.  Credit card theft is a heartbreaking issue that has led to thousands of people out there to lose their money. Unless the online casino companies implement stringent security measures that encrypt data from being accessed by hackers, credit card information is not safe.


  • Banks Limits


It very clear that MasterCard corporation has a stringent policy against online gambling; therefore, they do not allow their clients to withdraw their wins by using their credit card; therefore, the lover of online casino with MasterCard prefer to play slot games that do not require a credit card.

Withdrawing using a credit card from online slot sometimes is problematic. Players’ credit cards are declined in other jurisdictions. The online slots gamblers find its overwhelming in scenarios where their bank limits their option in involvement with an online casino. They are forced to look for alternatives; these cases steer the majorities to choose an online slot that does not need a credit card.


  • Credit Card Slots Sites Fees charged


Online gamblers prefer free slot games to avoid charges fee attached when transacting their money from the ATM to the site.  Ideally, 2-5 percent of the funds deposited using a credit card is considered as transaction fee. Besides, if the players choose slots that are provided by websites that use the different currency, they incur extra charges that are subjected to currency conversion.


  • Processing Time


Unlike depositing where online casino allows the players to start gambling as soon as they are through with the transaction, in most scenario withdrawing the win takes times especially where one asks for money immediately after it’s deposited into their account. Occasionally online casino usually put the money on hold to verify the card information. The idea inconveniences the gambler.

Online slot games that are available at Boomtown are cutting edge the company ensures your mind is at ease without worries of risking personal information.