Storm International: casinos and slot halls in the CIS and the EU

Storm International is a company with a 25-year history in gambling. The beginning was in 1992, it was then that the first Shangri La casino opened in Moscow. This is the most successful company of Michael Boettcher, Storm International which has acted as the management company for Shangri La Casinos. The casinos in Russia were open until 2009, until the moment when the casinos were moved to designated areas in the country.

Today, the network includes four elegant VIP casinos: Shangri La Minsk, Tbilisi, Yerevan and SL Casino Riga. Additionally, the company is developing a network of slot halls in Germany. Storm Casinos are located in 6 cities, combined with sports bars, restaurants and grill bars. This is a popular holiday destination, suitable for parties of various formats.

Over the years, the company has successfully developed thanks to a strong management team and CEO  Storm International, Darren Keane.