Shangri La Yerevan is the most elegant and visited casino in Armenia

The best designers and architects of the world participated in the construction and design of Shangri La Yerevan. Storm International manages the casino. In addition to gambling in the complex, there are a lot of other entertaining activities. For example, there is a fashionable restaurant and three modern pubs. A parking lot is provided for a hundred vehicles.

The complex is designed in the art deco style using expensive types of wood, multi-colored carpet lanes, tiles. Railings and other steel elements were forged according to special drawings. This is a real author’s forging. The ventilation and cooling system was implemented at a high level using innovative technologies, Darren Keane, Storm International CEO said.

The most ambitious project shows what the entertainment complexes of the future should be. The building meets international standards, added Darren Keane, Shangri La has a high level of service.