Reasons Why Your Bet Was Cancelled By Your Sportsbook

Sports betting is one of the most fun things that a person can do whether they are into it or not. Following a sports event as well as the players and risking your money for them is another level of satisfaction. However, sometimes there will be times that your bets can be terminated by your sportsbook.

Occasionally it is justified, sometimes it is not and the last thing you can do is ask, what has happened. To avoid such things, you must consider understanding why your bet was cancelled by your sportsbook.

The following are some of the reasons why sportsbook voids your wager.

An Event has Been Deemed a Match as Suspicious

Sportsbook in Singapore can cancel your bet if they believed that you’ve placed a wager on a suspicious match or if you as a bettor seem to be suspicious of knowing a result on a pre-determined match especially if they can gather evidence against you.

Suspicious matches are usually seen on small or minor sporting events with only little to no protocols to follow.

Your Bet Goes Against the Sportsbook’s Regulation

Mainly the reason why a sportsbook cancels your wager is that it violates, or it goes against the regulation. Singapore sports bet has different rules and regulations whether online or not and it is your responsibility to know them all to avoid placing a wager on a specific match and event that will eventually fall against a sportsbook.

Sportsbook has the right to terminate a wager. In general, they have a disclaimer regarding bet cancellation, and you don’t have a say as it was already posted on the website. But to ease your worry, when you choose a legit and reputable sportsbook it guarantees the safety of your money.

It is not only beneficial for the sportsbook if they cancel a specificbet, but it will also be advantageous for you as this will help you refund your money.

Gaining some knowledge in the sports betting industry can help you in many ways as this will prevent you from losing a lot of money in the long run.

For more information about sports betting and bet cancellation read the infographic below from 88ProAsia and 88PROBET.