Professional Poker bets: How Will You Tackle?

Professional players can notice the emotions or important signs of opponents’ behavior when playing offline or online. If you can do it too, you will have an advantage that will immediately have a positive effect on your results.

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Quick check

From the speed with which the opponent reacts to the cards dealt, we can easily estimate the quality of his cards. However, it is necessary to be careful, because it can also be a trick of the opponent to force us to increase the bet or, conversely, to fold.

Quick check is probably the most visible behavior and therefore it is also the easiest to read the tactics of the online player. As the other player checked without thinking, the “auto-check” option may have been checked and will be found in all online idn qq poker rooms. This may indicate that prior to your bet or check, this player intended to cross the game without placing a bet. At this point, you can probably easily get the pot with the bet in the next round.

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Waiting and betting or checking

The quality of the cards in your hand can also be whispered to the time that the player devotes to thinking before their bet. If a player thinks about it for a long time, he often has good cards and thinks about how much he should bet. Some players try to imitate a difficult decision, whether to bet at all, by thinking long and still have very good cards.

There may also be a situation where the player thinks for a long time, but instead of betting, he just checks. In that case, he may have tried to pretend to consider a bet, but eventually decided to check. He probably has relatively weak cards or a draw and would like to see another card for free. If you get into such a situation, it’s usually worth the bet. Watch out for players sitting at multiple tables at once! In this case, the time lag between the bet or check does not have to mean anything.

Betting Patterns

Monitoring the methods of placing idn poker bets and their amount during the game is an integral part of the effort to obtain information about the opponents’ game. It always pays to try to uncover our opponents’ betting patterns and understand how they bet with good cards and how they bet when bluffing.

For example: Some players bet 1/3 of the pot when trying to win it cheaply or with weak cards. If they have strong cards, they bet the whole pot straight. These players can raise pre-flop less with weaker cards, and if they have aces in their hand, they bet more.

Quick bet

Quick bidding is used to intimidate you. If you want to force someone to fold, bid quickly. This will create the impression of power, which is an effective intimidating tactic. Something similar is also used in the loose aggressive style.

Disclosure of own cards to opponents

You can’t see your opponent in online poker, but you can notice what he does and how he reacts to the cards. You can also monitor the communication he leads with you. All these aspects are the gold mine of information about the opponent’s cards.