Play Keno online in 2020- what you should know – Link vao Lode88

Keno is a very popular game at almost casinos all over the world and if you are looking for a new game, let’s try online keno in Vietnam. Please remember that this game may give you a chance to win Jackpot up to millions of dollars!

How to bet Keno online

If you have never played Keno online, you may feel strange because it does not use cards as other normal lottery games, Keno is quite similar to Roulette or lucky wheel when using lottery balls and the bets are similar, there is also a live computing lottery Keno version. In this article we prefer to share the players with some necessary things about this popular game, Keno of Vietnam.

  • Keno game: After registering and adding money to your account (such as Skrill, Momo), you can choose to access Keno online right from the homepage. Some casinos as can offer a wide range of Keno game types, so you need to identify the Keno type you want to play.

  • Choose betting ratio: Keno bet method is the betting ratio / numbers, for example, you choose the betting rate of 0.5 USD, 1 number is 0.5 USD and 10 numbers are 0.5 x 10 = 5 Let’s take it into consider before decide to choose the betting ratio.
  • Number selection: This is the most important step, there are 80 numbers and you choose between 8-10 numbers (depending on the casino limit).
  • Submit bet cards: Please confirm everything and send your bet cards. Account balance will be deducted accordingly.
  • See results: The final step is to wait for the time to dial and see the

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More details bout Keno lottery ticket rules online.

Online Vietnam online casino is a lottery game and in each round, players will have to select 8-10 numbers and place extra bets. Then on time the casino will dial, the more numbers you guess, the higher the bonus, up to 10,000 times.

Many players think there is a secret to always winning Keno but this is a game of chance and you should only trust your luck. The basic principle of this game is that the player bets based on the result of the dial with 3 main types such as over/under handicap, even/odd, five basic elements, …

  • Over / Under handicap: bet totals that are greater or less than a certain
  • Odd / Even numbers: bet how many numbers are even and how many numbers are odd
  • Five basic Elements: bet how many points are the total numbers in the group And many other betting styles follow the casino offer.

To conclude, you are bored of other casino games and want to find a new game then Keno is the best choice. . It’s really easy to play, easy to access and highly rewarded! These casinos offering online Keno are waiting for you now in From all information we supply above, let’s try playing Keno online now.