Parx Casino’s Pennsylvania Sports Betting Payment Options

Parx Casino

Parx Casino is an online gaming platform and the largest casino gaming complex in Pennsylvania. Parx Casino offers online gamers flexible and convenient payment options that they can use to deposit and withdraw funds from their accounts.

Payment options available at Pennsylvania Sports Betting

  1. MasterCard: MasterCard remains one of the most famous and easily accessible payment options. Currently, MasterCard records over 23 billion transactions per year making it one of the most preferred payment options for the online casinos.


  • MasterCard offers an eWallet option known as MasterPass that allows it to compete with other online wallet systems.

  • Has numerous built-in security measures to protect users from online fraudsters


  • You will need to deposit your money using a bank account that accepts MasterCard

  1. VISA Card: VISA card is a common payment option that is widely accepted across the globe. VISA card offers both credit and debit card services. It is accepted by over 70 percent of businesses across Europe with its main products being electronic and debit cards.


  • Widely used and supported by many online gaming platforms

  • It is a highly reliable online payment system


  • Payments through electron cards can only be successful if there are funds in user accounts

  1. PayPal: For many years, the platform was associated with online auction websites like eBay. In recent years, however, the platform has diversified to become a convenient online payment platform. PayPal is an eWallet service that allows users to manage multiple credit, debit, and bank accounts.


  • Accepted by a majority of online gaming casinos

  • Users can make transactions on a 24/7 basis conveniently.


  • The charges levied when depositing or withdrawing using PayPal can be a concern for many online gamers.

  1. Neteller: It is an online payment platform owned by a British company, Paysafe Group. It was founded in 1999 in Canada. The platform immediately gained popularity as a preferred method for online casino payment. In fact, Neteller accounted for 80 percent of online casino transactions just one year after it was established. Currently, the platform is available in over 200 countries globally and uses the MasterCard payment system through the Net+ Prepaid MasterCard.


  • It is known for its low transaction fees

  • Offers gamers high daily transaction limits


  • To get the best out of the platform users need to use the VIP system they offer.

  1. Skrill: Previously known as Moneybookers, Skrill is an online eWallet system similar to NETELLER. The online payment system is one of the leading online payment systems preferred by online gaming casinos. The platform is widely accepted by many online businesses and casinos. It has a VIP service system with four levels that need to be paid for on a quarterly basis.


  • Receiving money to Skrill eWallet is free although sending money is charged at 1.9 percent to a maximum of €20 with fees limited to the VIP system.

  • Widely acceptable by online gaming platforms


  • For lower fees, gamers have to opt for higher VIP setups.

Do you want an online gaming venue with flexible and convenient payment options? If you do, consider Pennsylvania Sports Betting at Parx Casino.

General Information

  1. Which online payment methods are safer to use?

The highlighted methods of payment above offer a safe online payment option for online gamers

  1. Factors to consider when choosing a payment option

When choosing a payment option, you need to consider the safety of the platform and the wide acceptability to ensure that you can conveniently make online payments.

  1. How will my winnings get paid

Your winnings from Pennsylvania Sports Betting will be deposited to your account and you can use your preferred payment option to withdraw them.