Online slots: how they work

The most popular type of gambling entertainment in online casinos is video slots. They attract the most attention from customers and bring 70% of the profit to the platforms. There are several common myths regarding online slot machines. For example, that the probability of winning in them is greater or, on the contrary, less than in the usual ones. How do slots on the Internet actually work?

What are the slots

The history of slot machines began at the end of the 19th century. Then the first slot was invented, which came into action thanks to mechanics. Inside it were three drums with symbols on them, they were set in motion with a lever. It is clear that it could not have had a system for issuing winnings or any other automation: the winners were given money by the owners of the halls where these machines were located.

The next generation was electromechanical automatons, which were powered by several horsepower motors. Such slots began to be used already at the beginning of the 20th century, according to the principle of operation, they differed little from the system with a lever – just the mechanical work was now done by an electrician, giving an impulse to rotate the reels. These machines and their improved versions were used in casinos until the end of the seventies, when the first prototype of the video slot was created.

The filling of the new devices was completely controlled by electronics, the processes of depositing money and receiving prizes were automated, and the sequence of symbols was influenced by a random number generator. In the years that followed, they quickly modernized. Now these are full-fledged computers in which bonus games, special symbols and other add-ons are available. Online slots are the same machines, but found in online casinos. How do they work and how do they differ from the usual ones?

How online slots work

In mechanical slots, symbols and numbers were also chosen randomly, this is the basis of their action, just like in roulette, a regular deck of cards that act as a randomizer by themselves. In online slot machines, random numbers are generated using special algorithms, which excludes the possibility of fraud and human intervention. If it was possible to knock on a mechanical device or act on it in any other physical way, then here the system is reliably protected, provided that the slot was created by a trusted supplier. For example, Microgaming, NetEnt or Playtech.

How winning symbols are determined

As for the system by which the symbols that fall out for a specific spin are determined, the principle of fair randomness applies here. With the help of a randomizer, thousands of numbers are generated every second, it is impossible to predict or calculate the result.

The random number generator does not know whether you have been playing for a long time or not, whether you place a bet first or last, whether a new user has joined the process or continues to try the same one.

Mathematical algorithms are used to form all combinations. The RNG does not use logical principles of selection, and the options for possible combinations are huge. When the slot machine starts, the algorithm generates a series of random numbers that determine the final combinations of symbols that drop out to the user. This rule also applies in bonus modes. RNG does not provide an opportunity to calculate the result, but it guarantees safety in terms of fairness of the game.

Benefits of online slots

The principles of online slots operation are determined by the set of symbols on its reels, the amount of wins in the table, general rules, as well as the possibilities of bonuses. The prize combination is formed by special algorithms that guarantee honesty and that the symbols will be chosen really randomly. Products from reliable developers are protected from outside interference – even from the gambling resource itself. offers an overview of the best online slots in Austria

Modern slots are very diverse, this applies to the theme, and the availability of bonuses, and variance, and the size of the jackpot. The main condition is to carefully read the rules, the paytable and choose the rates you can afford.