Online Casino and Online Gaming with Many Benefits is the online casino and online gaming. This new model does not get pass the staff. Solved the problem of cheating from various agents. Another highlight of FIFAHD is all in one, like football and other online sports, online casinos, tennis, all online needing only one account.

Quality team

FIFA55 has a quality team working. There is a real office at the Princess Holiday Palace, Poipet, Cambodia. To meet the needs of all gamblers, within a 24-hour Call Center service, you can apply for or request information.

Other channels

It has many channels and a lot through the media. Contact by line, Line @, Facebook, Live chat, and e-mail. Keep up dated on contact information. All this to allow their members to have a way to contact them.


Here are special promotions that gives you:

  • Apply first deposit 2 times
  • Discount 20%, step 2 – 12 pairs; minimum bet is 50 baht
  • Teng discount up to .5%
  • Get a friend to join and get 20%, plus free credit card

Advantages of FIFA55HD membership

  • Menu system is available in Thai
  • Deposit – withdraw money through the web page
  • Quick withdrawal is possible 24 hours a day with no withdrawal fee
  • Can use the system press on the phone
  • Call Center open 24 hours
  • Press 2 step straight with a discount
  • Buy lottery tickets online in the same way
  • Live casino with Baccarat and other live games on the same ID
  • Real office located at the Princess Holiday Palace, Poipet building, Cambodia
  • FIFA54 contact details are provided in case of emergency
  • The real pay-out is payless pay
  • Have fun promotions win big prizes when you have membership

Many ways

There are many types of online gambling. The most popular and famous bets are, Online Better Categories. Get news every day, every league in the world.

FIFA55HD web developed a betting system that meets the needs of the Thais the best now. All internal menus have Thai menu which are very easy to use. Can be activated on the phone and the device connected to the internet for all.