Multiple Betting Options You Can Count On

As the name suggests, this is the most classic bet you can find on bookmaker sites. The latter presents a seemingly simple rule: bet on the victory of team or player A or the victory of team or player B or on the draw of the match. However, beware. Indeed, this bet is much more difficult to forecast than it seems. So do as much information as possible before the meeting to be sure to make the right choice and, above all, take the opportunity to find the most advantageous sports odds to place your bet.

Multiple bets

Multiple agen judi bola online resmi bets are highly appreciated by the more daring punters. Indeed, the latter allow you to win very large sums of money, but also to record very restrictive losses. You will therefore have to be extremely careful if you choose to use this bet. The principle of multiple bets is extremely simple. Indeed, to use them, you will have to bet on several single bets at the same time. Thus, your winnings in the event of winning bets will be high since the odds will multiply between them. On the other hand, if one of your bets turns out to be a loser, all your bets will be lost.

The double-chance bet

This bet is a bit special, since it is advantageous for both the player and the bookmaker. The double-chance bet consists of betting either for the victory of the A / B team or for a draw. In other words, it’s two bets in one that will allow you to maximize your chances of winning. The odds are certainly lower, but you will quickly have the opportunity to realize that it is better to win surely than quickly! We therefore invite you to discover our article on the objective analysis we made of the double-chance bet .

Handicap betting

Handicap betting is a rather special kind of betting. Indeed, the goal is to balance a meeting as much as possible if it appears to be played in advance. To do this, the bookmakers will penalize the favorite and favor the outsider in order to keep an interest in betting on the match. However, it is important to know that there are two types of handicap bets: the classic and the one that bookies call the Asian handicap bet.

Live betting

Live bets, also called live bets, are highly appreciated by punters since they have the opportunity to bet on a match taking place live. To do this, bookmakers provide them with a special platform on which these sports lovers will be able to bet over the course of the meeting and adjust their bets as they go. It is therefore the perfect bet if you want to add a good dose of challenge to a competition.

The bet on the scorers

Frequently available for football matches, you will now have the option of betting on the player who will score a goal or a point in a basketball, ice hockey or handball match. Our team advises you on the “goalscorer in the match” bet thanks to tips and a presentation of this option during a football prediction!