Losing an Online Poker Game is an Easy Way to Overcome This

Many losing poker players play for fun. They can afford to lose and do not want to change. If you are one of them, stop here. Otherwise, if you love online poker, but you keep losing, it can bother you, cause depression and ultimately lead to gambling addiction.

If you want to limit your losses in online poker, you must change your habits.

Alcohol and distraction factors, such as television, are usually the cause of the loss. If you really want to limit your losses, you must control the conditions of the game in online poker. Always stay focused and sober. The best poker players never drink while they play. Other reasons to lose online poker are emotionality, discipline and carelessness. Poker is a mind game, and you cannot allow your mind to lose focus due to an altercation with your spouse. You must unconditionally follow your game plan.Now, the essence of this article is the best way to stop losing money in online poker. This is a very simple method. But often the simplest rules are very important for those who can apply them.

The rule is simply to play at lower rates.

Usually, the lowest bet available in poker online deposit ovo rooms is the big blind of two cents, that is, the total stack is two dollars. The loss of five full accumulations is a rare event, so the maximum loss per session is ten dollars.

If you play with your friends, you can feel the pressure of your teammates to play with the same bets as them. Do not listen to them. Pride is your worst enemy if you lose online poker. The most effective way to complete this is to play at the lowest possible limit. Therefore, your loss is under control and you can learn how to improve there.

In addition to the five usual suspects mentioned above, the loss in online poker is often the result of great pride and toughness. Start with the lowest rate and learn how to make a profit there. Only when you achieve profitability at this low level, try the next level of the limit and are ready to return if you lose money at this higher level.


The key is that you have nothing to prove to the world. Your wallet is important and how to protect it. Humility is your best friend if you really want to stop playing poker online. Start applying the method of this article the next time you sit at the online poker table and your results will improve immediately. Lose less, regain your confidence and start thinking about becoming a winner.