List of Basic and Advanced Types of Cricket Betting


Cricket betting is a complex proposition with many subtleties that should be known to bettors about multiplying their stakes.

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With cricket betting coming of age, there has been an influx of new betting markets. The scenario represents a mixed blessing for bettors, as they have wider choices to bet on and the daunting task to be in the know of all bet types. Bringing to pass a reversal in the trend is improbable but keeping you informed is an easier task, which we intend to do through the write-up. Join us, as we explore fundamental and advanced cricket bet types options.   

Basic bet types:

Basic bet types are conventional markets available with sports books of all shapes and sizes and enjoy consistent popularity among punters as well.

  • Match Betting:

The fundamental wager type of them all, the match betting involves predicting the outcome of a game right and capping off the day with wins. As simple as it may appear, match betting also has its share of complexities that need to be factored in before placing the bet. Bookies often discard settlements if a definite number of overs are not bowled or the contest ends in a draw.

  • Win the Toss Bet:

In cricket, the spin of the coin not only decides which team will bat first but can impact the final outcome of the contest as well. Choose this market only if you can afford to leave everything to chance because there is no rational way to determine on which side the coin will land.   

  • Outright Winner:

If Game Bet involves picking the result of the game, the outright winner is all about predicting the winner of a cricketing event, which can be the Ashes, ICC World Cup or IPL. Though the market has a lucrative potential with huge rewards, it is hard to choose the outright winner considering the unpredictable nature of cricket and the presence of two or more evenly balanced sides. Go for the Outright Winner bet type with a holistic approach, rational mindset and due diligence. Relying on expert Cricket betting tips is also recommended.

  • Tied Match

Since draws are a likely outcome in cricket, particularly in the longer version, tied match bets are a big draw for punters. Here, you bet on a tie as the final outcome of the match. However, proceed with caution, as the game is getting faster and teams more competitive.

  • Top Batsman & Top Bowler:

The Top Batsman bet requires you to predict the highest run-getter in a particular match or series, while you place the wager on the bowler who will end up taking the maximum number of wickets in a Top Bowler market. You cannot ignore these markets for the large odds and high profitability they bring in.      

Advanced bet types:

As the internet has intruded into betting, a new set of markets has evolved that offers alternative methods of placing wagers on cricket. They call them Advanced Bets.

  • Live Betting:

In-Play Bets, commonly known as Live Bets, is a tailored arrangement for cricket. It empowers you to place wagers during the contest, which is in sharp contrast to conventional betting where bets have to be placed prior to the commencement of the match.

  • Runs from Next Delivery:

In the Runs from Next Delivery bet, you are predicting the number of runs scored in a particular ball. Here, the action never seizes, as you can bet on each ball bowled in either inning of the contest.

  • Batsman Runs

The bookies decide a certain number of runs that a batsman will score in an inning. You have to bet on whether the batsman in question will exceed the runs or not.