Likely winner of the 2019 Ashes

In only a week the next big sports event will kick off and please cricket fans and bettors all over the world. It’s time for the 71st edition of the Ashes! The feud between Australia and England that has existed for the past 137 years will find another edition to determine this year’s winner. After the winner is determined in a ferocious sports battle, the coveted Ashes trophy is awarded to the victorious team until the next version 2 years later.

The next big cricket event is nearing again as the ultimate sports event of The Ashes will take place again this summer! The Ashes is an ongoing battle between England and Australia in a series of so-called Cricket Test-matches. After five Tests, the winner is announced and this team will receive the honor of taking the Ashes home.

The name for the Ashes comes from the figurative death of English cricket in the first match between the two rivals. England was, to put it mildly, crushed by the Australian team. The next day, a newspaper printed an obituary in which the devastating loss of English cricket was mourned upon and reported that it was to be cremated before the ashes would be taken to Australia. Of course, the English captain at the time replied that he would do anything in his power to regain the Ashes and bring them back home. That following year, the first edition of the Ashes took place.

This year, the cricket world cup only ended two weeks before the start of the Ashes. England showed great skills and teamwork and therefore won the world cup. Especially since this event only just ended, it now gives us some insight into the teams’ conditions. Both England and Australia seem well prepared for the first Test match of the Ashes which will start on the 1st of August but at this point, we place our trust in England.

However, it is crucial to mention that this year the Ashes will take place in England because the opponents take turns hosting the event. This means that apart from the victory at the world cup, England has the advantage of playing the five games on home territory with many supporters cheering them on. However, this does not mean that all hope is lost for Australia. In the past, the team from down under-delivered proof to be able to turn things around to their advantage and we are expecting no less this year. Check out all the latest odds now before placing your bets.

We are looking forward to some strong gameplay at the 2019 Ashes and with only days away from the first Test we can say things are heating up… If you have not placed your bets for the Ashes yet, make sure to do so before the 1st of August. Who do you think will win?