Important Things You Should Know About Roulette

Roulette is a casino game common in Europe, Paris in France and America casinos. European Roulette is the popular format for Roulette table with favorable bets and payouts. American tables are perceived to be inferior due to their returns. These roulette tables consist of single tables or croupier which make it suitable for to offer online casino live gaming.

How to Play Roulette Casino

Players may place bets on either a single number, various groupings of numbers, the colors may be of certain colors which can be red or black, or it can be played by choosing between the odd or even number. To determine the winner of the color and numbers placed by the players when the wheel is rotated in both directions around a circular track running at the edge of the wheel. Croupier spins the balls in the first direction and consequently on the opposite direction and leave it to rotate until the wheel momentarily stop.

Rules Guiding Live Roulette Casino

Players have a variety of betting options to choose from; the first option is called ‘placing inside’ bets where the player selects an exact number of the pocket the ball will land in or any other pockets. The second option give players chance to bet outside on larger positional groupings of pockets. The determining number can either be odd or even, or the color is chosen the balls fall. On the payout, winnings are out the probabilities or odds assigned to each bet.

Roulette table may impose specific numbers on the number of bets placed, and these regulations apply differently for players inside or outside the bets. For players inside, separate roulette tables may be used to distinguish. However, when the winning color or number has been determined players will not be able to collect, withdraw or place their bets. The dealer will then make payout by removing the losing bets and finally selects the winnings inside and outside winning bets. The winning chips remain on the table.

Common Versions of Roulette

  • American Wheel Sequence

This version is very popular for having the highest house edge at a maximum of 5.26% due to an extra green slot, ‘double zero’ making a total of 38 pockets on American roulette wheel.

  • European Wheel Sequence

This version has an average casino advantage below that of American wheel sequence of only 2.7%. European wheel sequence has got only 37 pockets, including all the numbers ranging from 1-36, and only a single zero pocket which automatically makes the house edge lower as compared to that of American wheel sequence.

  • Bets Based On Wheel Sectors

This is the only type of version that is not based on the layout of the table but based on the layout of the wheel of the roulette. Types of bets which fall into this version include Neighbour of Zero, Thirds of the Wheel, Zero Game, and The Orphans. There is also a class of bet called a ‘neighbor’s,’ bet which allows the player to bet on five consecutive numbers as in the wheel.