Importance of Graphics Improvement at online slots 

The first slot machine originates back to the 19th century and was what is typically known today as a fruit machine. The name is derived from the symbols on the old three reel manual slot machine, pieces of fruit, usually a cherry, a lemon and a melon but not limited to these three fruits. The original slot machines also featured playing cards as so many still do today. The graphics were very plain and simple as was the slot machine method and game. 

However, over time and as with everything, the slot machine has developed hugely. From the initial basic graphics, if we can even refer to them as graphics, to the amazing animation of today’s slot machines we have at have indeed come a long way. 

So why graphics?

Graphics on a slot machine, whether in a traditional land based casino or online, play a hugely important part in the game. It helps to encourage a player to choose the game and keeps them playing which after all is the objection of the slot machine and the casino. The graphics work along side the sound whether it be the sound of a celebratory win or simply background music, together they provide the full entertainment package. Do not be fooled though, the hard core player who plays slot machines and frequents traditional land based casinos with an aim to win a progressive slot and change his life will not be swayed by mind blowing graphics and loud enticing sound effects. 

So how have they improved?

As we have already said the basic graphics of the first slot machine were pieces of fruit then in time the graphics stepped up a little and today the graphics play a very important part in the slot machine experience. In 1976 the first video slot was launched, this in itself was a phenomenon in the world of slot games. Today the graphics would appear dated and primitive but in the early 70’s the graphics took the slot machine world and casinos by storm. Once this became normal and players expected it and then with the launch of the online slot machine the next development was the roll out of the slot game across different devices, which in turn meant that developers needed to change the graphics to suit the particular device. Whereas the theme can and will remain the same whether the game is played on a desk top, a tablet or on a mobile phone, naturally the game needs to be adapted to suit the device the player is on. 

And now?

Games like Gonzo’s Quest, first launched in 2011, features reels that drop symbols from the top of the screen, almost Tetris style and put them into place rather than other games that would put symbols into place by spinning. 

Today we have some of the most mid blowing graphics on slot machines. We have introduced 3D games, Virtual Reality and highly animated games. What will come next?

Can you imagine a slot machine without music? Can you imagine a slot machine without a theme tune? Can you imagine a traditional land based casino without the constant background noise of the slot machine? Can you imagine not hearing the sometimes cheesy infectious music that we all associate with casinos, whether traditional land based or online and the slot machine. More importantly would you play a slot machine if it were silent? Would you spend a night at a traditional land based casino if there was no noise and just a quiet hush of the roulette and Blackjack tables and almost resembled a library. It doesn’t really appeal does it? 

So why music on a slot machine? 

A slot machine, like any other kind of vide or e-gaming game requires a catchy yet inconspicuous background music to help keep the player entertained although with today’s games and the tense excitement there isn’t much to distract the player but to also keep the player playing, after all this is the main aim of a casino, either traditional land based or online. 

The significance of the music on a slot machine helps players choose a game of their choice, think about it, if the music on a particular slot machine is highly annoying it has the chance to put off a player. Who wants to spend hours at a slot machine listening to background music that drives them mad? 

How has it changed over time? 

The original slot machines of the 19th century, sometimes otherwise known as a fruit machine, would play a tune when a player landed a win. There was no background music just the sound of the reels spinning.

In today’s modern world, slot machines will always have a theme, whether it be a slot machine based on an Irish folklore with leprechauns and four leaf clovers and, of course, Irish music playing in the background or a Wild West theme complete with gun shots incorporated into their signature background music but remember not only do we have themed slot machines with theme synchronised music, consider the popular slot games focused around successful music artists for example, Jimi Hendrix, Motorhead and the very popular Guns N’ Roses. Obviously the background music to these slots is the particular artists more popular songs. This in itself entices the player to play the slot game especially if it is an artist they like. Imagine singing along while landing a win. 

And a win? 

Of course, the music isn’t all about the background. What happens when a player lands a bonus, ends up on a wild or a scatter or lands a win? As one would expect the slot machines regardless of traditional land based casino or online features loud bursts of music, celebratory sounds and an array of sound effects usually complimented with animations to help the celebration. Slot machines have to have music to entice the players and make them the success they are today.