How to Earn Money on eSports

Many top athletes earn bizarre amounts of money on an annual basis, but that is not only the case with popular sports like tennis, football, baseball, and basketball. These days it is also the gamers who deserve a good living. The world of eSports is only getting bigger and the prize money is rising steadily. The best gamers in the world train sixteen hours a day and have to leave everything for this new sport. Profit is a necessity to earn money as a professional eSporter, it is a tough and tough world. What is cool about eSports though is that you can earn money on eSports without necessarily becoming a professional gamer.

Of course, there are other and less dedicated ways to make money with eSports. There are many players who stream online, live on donations or are employed by a game developer. In this article we will see how to earn money on eSports.


Streaming is currently very popular. Professional and also hobby gamers get the chance to share their talent with the world. Many eSportersbroadcast when they play games, which is more commonly referred as streaming. These gamers are usually streaming on popular platformslike YouTube or Twitch. But it’s all about the followers, the more viewers you keep, the higher your salary will be.

Most streamers also have enthusiasts who subscribe to their channel, which is particularly profitable for the streamer. This follower pays five dollars a month for such a subscription, about half of which goes to the gamer. The more subscribers, the fuller the wallet. But streamers can also link advertising to their stream, if the viewers click on the advertisement then the gamer earns a few pennies. But if taking into account the whole audience, this usually adds up to a decent amount.


During streaming, viewers can also make a donation as a token of appreciation. A donation can be transferred via PayPal or other popular payment methods. Often the streamers see the amount coming in immediately and they also thank this person live in the broadcast.


Well-known gamers within eSports are often sponsored by major brands, including many game developers. These gamers then wear clothing with the logo of a certain brand when streaming and at tournaments. Some gamers also play certain games to promote them for the sponsor. It is possible that a player has several sponsors. This yields really high amounts of money if approached correctly.

Win tournaments

Large events and tournaments are regularly organized in eSports, both in an arena and on the internet. This also involves a lot of money and the players can win these amounts. Believe it or not, there some tournaments like the Dota 2 2018 International which had a prize pool of over 25 million dollars.

Bet on eSports

If you don’t have what it takes to be a professional gamer or streamer, you can still earn money on eSports. There is a huge number of betting websites that offer players to place bets on eSports. You can either place pre-match bets until an eSports event begins, or gamble during the match itself, which is called live betting. Betting on eSports proved to be a profitable activity, but you have to make sure you find a safe and reliable eSport betting website to make sure you receive all your winnings.

All in all, eSports is definitely appearing to be a multimillion-dollar business and there are countless ways to earn money on eSports. It only matters when most of the masses will understand this and start earning money.