How to choose the most suitable site for online cricket betting?

Cricket and betting are very close to each other. Though it’s not highlighted much, gambling is prevalent, especially among the cricket lovers. Betting on this game is not one dimensional nowadays; you have various ways to experience the adrenaline rush. One of them is the worldwide web.

As we have a close connection with the internet, you should try the same enjoy the moments of success and joy with the team you favor. Considering the same, we will talk about the factors you should look on while choosing a cricket betting website.

Characteristics of a good betting site

You will encounter numerous websites when you start searching for online cricket betting websites. So, choosing the best can be difficult. A little research will be helpful while you decide for an online bookmaker that can suit your gambling needs.

Well, you do not have to waste time on that because we have already done the hard work. Before we start, let’s know some of the characters that you should always check and consider while choosing a cricket betting website.

  • Live betting. Bookmakers love to bet while the game unfolds. A good cricket betting site will offer live bets on every match.
  • Welcome bonus. There is nothing free in this world, or is there? Well, we will say that you can get anything without any deposit. However, there are cricket betting sites that can offer you some extra amount of betting money, if you register on one of them.
  • User-friendly interface. Cricket is a game that changes quickly. Make sure you have all the options available on the betting page, and you can access them without much struggle.
  • Mobile betting. There is nothing better than using your mobile phone or tablet to bet online. A website like Betway allows you to do the same from their website while 10cric (previously known as Betrally) gives you a mobile app for the same.

Things to consider when selecting cricket betting sites

Let’s talk about some of the factors that you should consider while choosing a cricket betting site

  1. Trust: You are depositing money to an account, so you have to be sure that its owner is trustworthy and the amount will not be used somewhere else. To make sure that you can trust a bookmaker, you have to read online reviews, check the license, find out any past complaints, and much more.
  2. Bonuses: Several cricket betting sites give you welcome bonus, extra betting cash if you remain loyal, free weekly getaways and many other attractive perks. There are strings attached, but still, it’s better than always using your own money to bet.
  3. Coverage:The betting sites should all the ICC events, significant leagues, and less know tournaments. Choose a bookmaker that covers crocket world cup, IPL, BBL, PSL, and BPL. The sites we have recommended includes all these matches and much more to try your luck.
  4. Betting selection: One of the most significant differences between an ideal cricket betting website and small bookmakers is the betting options they have available during a match. Don’t choose a site that has few options to bet. Look for a place where you have hundreds of options so that you can have some extra profits even during the power plays, death overs, etc.
  5. Banking options: An essential part of the online betting world is how you will withdraw the winning amount. Card transactions on betting websites are restricted in many countries. It’s the reason why most of the cricket gamblers use e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller for deposit or withdrawal. However, you should choose a website that has multiple ways to take out the cash.
  6. Commission: Similar to a casino, online cricket betting websites also charge a small percentage from the winning amount. Look for a bookmaker that costs the least commission, and you get the maximum share of your luck.


We have given you an idea on how to choose a suitable cricket betting website. Cricket betting is proliferating, and so is its bookmakers. If you are trying your luck, you have to be cautious because once invested in the wrong place; the money may never come back. If you have any doubts, we will be happy to answer.