How to Bet On Handball

Handball is a sport that has a number of specific characteristics. Many bettors make a serious mistake when trying to apply football or basketball theories to this sports destination, which leads to a one-hundred-percent loss.

When developing a winning theory for handball games, consider:

    • transience of events
    • high performance



  • no connection between the game and weather conditions
  • low probability of judge’s mistake
  • goalkeepers’ skills

Handball Betting Theory

There are several general handball theories developed to avoid common mistakes of young bettors. These mistakes can be found in many sports, but they are especially noticeable in handball:

  1. Betting on a win of underdogs carries a high risk. Betting on explicit outsiders is risky in any sport, but if in football everything can be changed with one goal, in handball, the initial gap of 1-2 goals is a meager advantage.
  2. There is a principle in football: “Tell me which midfield each team has, and I will tell you who will win the match.” The rule for handball is: “Tell who the team’s goalkeeper is, and I will tell who will win the upcoming event”. Pay special attention to the skill of a goalkeeper.
  3. When there are an obvious favorite and an apparent outsider, it is better to avoid total bets before the match.
  4. There is no point in betting on low odds: many offices feature a high margin of 7-11%. If the average coefficient of all bets is below 1.40, this leads to a 99.9% loss. Playing odds below 1.60 is not recommended.

Types of bets set by bookmakers in their lines for handball meetings:

  • outcomes;
  • combined offers;
  • match total, individual team total;
  • handicap;
  • exact goal difference;
  • odd/even
  • long term

Effective strategies that are very popular among experienced bettors can be counted on one hand.