How are Provably Games Popular with the Player

In case, you wonder what makes provably games possible, you should rest assured the blockchain technology along with the goodwill of the organizers of the given game would make it highly popular among the people.

Foremost, it has been deemed possible to prove something to be fair if it has not actually been fair. Therefore, there would be a necessity for specific underlying level of fairness on which the game could be built on. The Blockchain technology would provide you with that certain level. The major reason has been its immutability and transparency. You should rest assured that properly programmed Blockchain based platform would leave no chance for the bitcoin casino operators to cheat the players. They would not be able to cheat the players even if they wanted to.

If you were having the basic level of fairness, the owners of the platform would be required to prove to the players that game has been working as advertised. There would be no room left for cheating by the platform. It would be taken care of through various methods such as publishing the source code in open access. It could also be done by providing different kinds of verification tools for casino or lottery draws.

What makes these games popular?

The increasing demand for provably fair games could be seen clearly by the ever-increasing number and popularity of available platforms. Online gambling has been deemed risky business. The odds would be attacked against the player. Moreover, the thrill of overcoming the chances has been driving people to these Ethereum Games. Nonetheless, there would be no need to complicate things further by having unclear practices and non-transparency in games.

Think of a scenario where you actually win a game, but did not receive the prize. You may also not be able to prove the fraud to anyone. In case, the platform has been cheating the players and not making any payouts at all and you have no way to know of it, as everything has been kept secret. It would certainly not be a pleasant scenario.