Get skilled at moulding things your way while you play Indian Rummy game

Indian rummy game is otherwise known as 13 cards rummy game. This game is highly preferred by the Indians during festival season and social gatherings to play and pass the time with friends and family members. In addition to entertainment and fun, it is also considered as a game that boosts up skills, memory, and thinking capability. This game is played between 2 to 6 players and two decks are sufficient for two to three players, whereas 3 decks are required for 4 to 6 players. You would need to discard the cards that are not being used. You also have to arrange the cards in such a way that makes it easy to play. If we arrange the cards with alternate colours, we will not be confused while picking or discarding the card.

Certain tips will help us to play better than the opponents. Those techniques are as follows:

  • We need to concentrate first on melding a pure run.
  • We need to be alert and observe the cards being displayed and picked up by the opponent. This practice provides a better idea of the game and makes a person retain or discard the right cards.
  • We have to discard the card with higher points as this reduces the deadwood points if the opponent makes the show.
  • Most of the players are not aware that a run can have more than three cards.
  • Always try to pick smart cards as a run can be easily melded with this.
  • Jokers or wildcards are very important to make an impure sequence. It is always safe to use Joker cards to complete a set of higher points.
  • Don’t wait endlessly for a particular card to meld a run.

We can defeat the opponent by using some tricks like:

  • When we pick a card from an open pile, we know that we are leaving a clue to the opponent for making a sequence. In this situation, we should try to confuse the opponent by throwing a card that is part of the sequence.
  • We can also trick the opponent by making him provide the card we required. This method of misleading the opponent and getting the required card is called baiting and fishing.

These tips and tricks may be useful in improving the skills to play a rummy game.


Indian rummy is a great game which is played with the same vigour and passion since generations. It is considered a game of excellent skills. With emerging technology, this game has transitioned into the digital world as an online game. This game has set new benchmarks in the online gaming sphere. To win the game we need to possess certain skills to evaluate the cards and make the best use of them. We should also be in a position to guess the cards of the opponent.