Bookmaking has been around with humans since 2,300BC. It was invented as a past-time activity wherein men from different ages coming from different jobs come together to play the game of chance. Based on excavated artifacts, the first form of betting is lottery in which tiles were used, and this evidence is found from ancient China. 

How it started

A couple of years after around 500BC dicing takes its toll in the streets of ancient Rome. But since betting has negative connotation to the masses, it is strictly prohibited to such point that anyone caught doing it will be penalized four times the betting stake. For this reason, the chips were used to masquerade the game. The ingenuity of the Roman citizens serve as the foundation and commerce of the present betting games. During 800AD, the first pack of cards  that was in a form of Chinese domino was played in China and may not be the same with the set of cards that existed today. 

The Games

Around 1400s, another card game was given birth in Italy called Baccarat. Baccarat is more of a spectator game, which has 51% winning odds in favor of the banker, that is also played in France. Another card game also flourished in the year 1600 in Spain called ventiuna where Blackjack was inspired. The name Blackjack was innovated by the Americans in the 1930s to attract extra customers in the casinos of Nevada. 

The earliest gambling house operated in Italy was in the year 1638 which by then widely spreads across Europe during the 19th century; since then, games like roulette and poker games came into play. When the era of technology begun in the 18th century, the gambling industry also evolves which resulted to the invention of mechanical slot machines. 

It further develops to video slot games when digitalization took place. Even though gambling is not accepted as lawful, it was legalized as a business during 1910 to alleviate the lives of Americans when Great Depression also known as The Wall Street Crash hit the stock market. When the global economy starts to recover and the technology becomes more advance, microgaming was created, which paves way to the first online casino, that eventually leads to the development and legalization of  mobile gaming in New Jersey last 2011. From then on, mobile casino spread all over the world including in Asian countries, especially in Indonesia, where another sport betting game is popular called judi bola or soccer betting. 

For more information of the game, there lots of website you can check out from search online. You’d see additional details on how to play it too!