Different Types Of Sports Betting You Can Practice For Fun And Money

Sports betting is an umbrella term that consists of numbers of concepts and a multitude of different but pertinent activities. It can be defined as the process of placing any type of bet on the outcomes of sporting events or associated activities. If you’re a beginner and had never make betting ever, then it is important for you to understand different types of sports betting. Besides traditional gambling, you’ll also find some relatively new types of wagering that open up possibilities for enhanced fun and profitability.

One of the biggest sports betting mistakes online punters usually do is that they’re not able to understand and differentiate various forms of gambling. In this post, you’ll get an overview of several popular types of sports betting.

In-Play/Live Betting

This is a relatively new but incredibly popular form of betting that has been practiced for a few years now. Live betting provides a whole new range of betting opportunities by allowing punters to place a wager while a match is played live. You can get an idea of how a specific sporting event is turning out before making a bet. Most bookmakers offer a live betting platform nowadays. For example, Betway offers in-play betting for different sports. Besides Betway odds here you’ll also find several live betting markets such as Basketball, Football, Tennis, Badminton, Handball, etc.

Spread Betting

It is somehow similar to betting the over/under or totals betting. The process of guessing whether the certain value will be lower or higher than that of a bookmaker is called as total betting. With spread betting, punters are settled based on how much they’re either wrong or right.

Fixed Odds Sports Betting

This is a straightforward traditional form of sports gambling where a bettor places a wager on what’s going to happen in a particular sporting event. For example, which team will win a cricket match.

Exchange Betting

This is another form of betting where a punter places a bet with other bettors instead of a bookmaker. In simpler terms, there is no bookmaker involved during betting. You gamble with other punters, who are just taking the position opposite to yours.

E-Sports Betting

This form of wagering is about placing a bet on professional video gaming or electronic sports. The most popular and common global e-sports tournaments are available on an array of various games.

Pari-Mutuel Betting

This is the most traditional type of betting where wagers of every player on a particular betting market are collected into a pool. Once an event has started, all participated gamblers make the bets. All winnings bets are paid out of a pool when all wagers get settled. Its different feature is that there are no odds involved.

Choose the betting type considering your gambling desires!