Covid-19 and the Effect It Had On the Casino Businesses

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year, you’d know that the world has been under the grip of a global pandemic known as the Coronavirus. As of right now, the world has witnessed over 93 million cases of coronavirus that have resulted in over 2 million deaths.

Apart from the loss of human life, the world has also witnessed a global lockdown that has impacted the economy. The economy has been impacted by both macro and micro levels. Businesses all over the world have been struggling and this is true especially for the casinos.

Early Impact

Casinos were impacted by the pandemic way before other businesses started feeling the burn. This was because sports like football were stopped when the early signs of a pandemic started to show. People started being wary of crowds and casinos are a hub of huge crowds. Being avoided by the public put casinos under a lot of stress. Casinos also act as resorts and gain significant revenue from this venture. As this venture stopped too, casinos really started feeling the heat.

Slot apps as a solution

A very simple solution to the current situation in the current state of the world is the use of online gaming methods, specifically slot apps. Online gambling has been on the rise for almost a decade now and the current pandemic has only pushed this agenda forward.

Online slot apps have a clear advantage over their offline counterparts. The first one being convenience. You can gamble in the comfort of your home without wasting money on travel or other expenses like food or accommodation. The other benefit of online gambling is social distancing.

Here are some glaring stats about casinos, post-pandemic:

  • Casinos suffered an 88% drop in revenue in the first month.
  • Philippine online gaming service POGO saw a 90% rise during the pandemic


The pandemic is supposed to serve as a wake-up call for the casinos. They need to understand that everything is going online and they can either improve with the times like Betufa or perish.