Brief Information how Gamdom Lost $140K on Reward System Loophole

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How gamdom lost $140k in reward system

It happened when gamdom enabled multiplayer battle game Dota2 to verify new users. The support staff noticed huge inclusions of new users. There were multiple signups for acquiring free coins offered by gamdom for every new user. Had it been a normal scenario, gamdom would have taken it to be a blessing. However, that was not the case to be, as with each passing week, the users started to rise continuously by signing up on new Steam accounts. Most of the new users were from Russia and Ukraine.

The influx of ne Dota2 users started to drain available bonuses available for new users quickly. The website became aware of the situation and tried to rectify the issue with increased number of hours for users to become eligible for Dota2 bonus or free coins. However, the reward system abusers found a way around the issue as well. Rather than having 1000-2000 accounts that claimed bonus regularly, the abusers created multiple accounts on Steam to acquire more free coins. As a result, gamdom had to pay around 15000-20000 dollars on daily basis for as small as 10% of the total fraudulent number of accounts opened by the abusers. It would be pertinent to mention here that gamdom has been known to pay approximately $5000 worth of reward incentives every day for verified users. However, the increased fraudulent Dota2 accounts were stopped by Gamdom as preventive measures.

Need for disabling Dota2 verification process

As a means to stop the abusers from extracting more money from the website through their fraudulent accounts, gamdom disabled Dota2 verification process. However, the damage had been done to gamdom resulting in $140k loss to the website. Gamdom had to close the loophole that enabled creation of several thousands of fraudulent accounts by users, as it was violation of their terms of service.

Do you still need to verify your account?

Nonetheless, Dota2 would still be accepted by the website. You would not be required to verify the latest gamdom account through Dota2. On the same note, gamdom has not closed their prevalent Dota2 deposit or withdrawal system for genuine users.

It would be pertinent to mention here that new users would be able to verify their account by using CSGO (Counter Strike Global Offensive) or PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battleground). In case, you have already verified your account prior to the newly made changes, you would not be required to get it re-verified by CSGO or PUBG.