Betting in Esports through Betinvest

Ever since streaming websites such as Twitch and started gaining prominence, the general excitement around the eSports scene has been high. Compared to traditional outdoor or indoor sports, esports open a new realm of sportsmanship and audience viewing experience. Games, like DOTA 2, CS: GO and League of Legends, have not only amassed millions of players but also millions of viewers.
Ever since sports gained prominence, the idea of betting has also seen its rise. Since most of the viewing audience of these esports games is comparatively young, they understand the idea behind online betting and how safe it is.

Esports: Background

Back in 2010, Valve launched the successor to the then mod-only game Defense of the Ancients 1. The successor was just called DOTA 2. With the Beta launch of the game, Valve also held an inaugural championship of the same game and set the prize pool to 1 million dollars. At that time, no esports had seen a bigger prize pool and the gaming community went into a frantic mode as people came to terms that playing video games could be so rewarding.
Since then, Valve hosts the annual championship, called The International or TI. The prize pool of TI always increases every year and at TI 8, the total prize pool stood at 25 Million Dollars.
Many games have mimicked the same approach that Valve took to revolutionize their game, and have helped made esports what it is today.

Why Choose Betinvest?

Betinvest offers the best odds on the internet. With popular freebies, such free streams of any esports game, and the first sign up process makes Betinvest a good esports betting website. Currently, they support the six most famous games of the internet audience-

  1. Dota 2
  2. League of Legends
  3. CS: GO
  4. Rainbox Six siege
  5. StarCraft II
  6. Overwatch

However, their list of covered games is always growing. So you can be sure that you can bet on your favorite esports through this website. A person gets many benefits when he signs up with Betinvest. They stream thousands of pre-match esports events, so the viewers can see their gaming heroes and analysts from up close. Their team of IT professionals has an experience of over 10 years in esports. So they use the latest and best technology to calculate odds and predict the winner. The odds that they offer are also quite good. With up to 12% better odds than their competitors, you should definitely check out their website.

The support provided by Betinvest is also quite impeccable and fast. With almost zero delays, their customer service executives are quite fast in resolving your problems.

With all their products NMi certified, you get easy browser integration once you decide to place bets. The browser integration allows you to stay in touch with esports with just a press of your button. With the coming time, esports are soon destined to make their debut at Olympics and Asian Games, with their popularity already on the surge; it is the right time to start betting in esports with a trusted partner-