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Like every time, it is better to have a player against either. So bluff only against a player, more rarely two. This multiplies the chances that the other has play and does not want to give up his hand.

To bluff well, it should not be your usual style of play. You will be read immediately by other players. Do it occasionally in addition to other game techniques. Eventually when you’re on a good start, you’ve just won twice in a row with very good hands, but luck is not here with you, you can try a bluff, the other players still remembering your previous feat. For the best poker training sites this is an important task now.


The cheap leader also has more ease to bluff, he can rise strong, and has the resource, it can make bend more easily other players.At some point in the game, it may happen that all the players indicate that they have weak games, by checking for example, if you are the last to speak it would be a pity to offer a free spin, raise but significantly to discourage the more adventurous.

Against whom to try a bluff?

  • Some players will be better customers than others. It is there still to identify them.
  • The most obvious is when you are faced with a shy player, easy to frighten, in this case go for it but while studying the possibilities of the table, it would be a shame if he had a square.
  • On the other hand, beware of some players who still believe in the strength of their hand, who not lie down and you will lose big bets. Study the game styles.

How to bid?

The mere fact of bidding strongly is not the key to success of a good bluff. This is again a question of measure: raise enough to impress but not too much not to weaken in case of failure. The amount of the pot is also important, once again we remind that a small pot does not deserve to risk losing big bets. With the Tournament Poker Edge this is an important part.

Whether you’re a regular at the casinos or you just go there occasionally, you’ve probably already hoped to be the one to win the jackpot. If this is the case, know that there are some small rules to follow to optimize your chances of making money during your evening in a casino. And of course, we decided to tell you everything to help you prepare your next outing to the casino.