10 Fun Facts about Rummy

Rummy has been one of the favorite traditional games of Indian families. On special occasions and festivals, family members and friends gather together to enjoy a game of rummy cards. It is so loved that Indian Rummy is considered the third most popular card game after Poker and Teen Patti. Nowadays, people prefer to play rummy games online, as it is convenient and easily available. Rummy games are now available 24×7 on your mobile phones, desktops,and tablets.

According to Indian law, rummy is a game of skill. It can be mastered with hours of practice, reading hands, guessing opponents cards, and remembering the cards discarded or picked from the pile. The card game helps in boosting your memory power, uplifting your mood, gives you a mental break from your hectic schedule and relaxes your mind. It even helps in social interaction with people who share a common interest.

Once you know all the rules of playing rummy and apply them when your play, your chances of winning are higher. In this game, the player needs to arrange the 13 cards into particular sets or sequences. Hence, mental agility to form those sets is required.

There is no denying that rummy ensures hours of fun. And, so we’ve jotted down some facts about rummy card games–

  1. Only the rich and elite could afford to buy a deck of cards. Yes, there was a time when only the rich had the money to buy rummy cards. Thankfully, a deck of cards is now easily available at an affordable price, making it possible for everyone to own it.
  1. In the earlier days, cards were handmade, and each card was painstakingly painted. Thanks to theevolution of paper and printing techniques, cards arenow easily made and available. Also, a lot of modifications have been made to the card design over the decades.
  1. What is the origin of rummy? Well, there have been contrasting claims about this. While some believe rummy originated fromConquian, a Spanish card game, others say that it is aFrench variant of poker. What’s more, even the Chinese game of Mahjong is seemingly crowned to have given birth to rummy.
  1. The exact number of rummy variations is unknown. Rummy experts claim that there are more than 20 variations of the card game. However, there are some rummy variations that are played only in certain parts of the world. These geographical rummy variations are more than a hundred.
  1. As pointed out earlier, rummy is not a gambling game. In fact, laws of many countries, including India, have declared it a game of skill.
  1. Rummy is a brain game, as mental agility is crucial for winning. You have toremember the cards being discarded or picked from the pile by the opponents. This mental agility tends to develop more rapidly among regular players. Rummy also required mental dexterity that will help you in absorbing and retaining more facts.
  1. Rummy, when first introduced, was associated with the word ‘rum,’ which is a common slang in the UK for ‘odd’ or ‘peculiar.’ This slang highlighted that the card game wasunusual or odd.
  1. Rummy is now played to win cash or gift vouchers. However, there was a time in the history of rummy, when the card game was played for thealcoholic drink, Rum. So, whoever would lose had tobuy the next round of drinks for the table.
  1. If you look closely, the Jacksfrom each of the suitshas a subtly different hairdo.Jack of Spades and Jack of Hearts have a mustache, each Jackholds something different in their hands, and their heads are turned at different angles.
  1. Similarly, the Queen and King cards too have slight variations. Among the four Queen cards, only one has a slight smile, the Queen of Hearts has a melancholy look and the Queen of Spade and Queen of Clubs look a bit stern. Also, the Queen of Spades carries a scepter and all four carry flowers. On similar lines, the Kings of Hearts and Diamondshave a weapon behind their head. Also, the King of Diamonds is also the only one-eyed king without hands. Lastly, all except the King of Heartssport a mustache.